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Meet Christine 

Christine Phipps Davis is a wife, mother and entrepreneur. She is CEO of Anointed Assistant, a Virtual Administrative and Social Media company where she helps small business owners with their administrative and social media.


Christine began working on Color With The Word in 2017, but wasn't sure which way she needed to go with the coloring book, and she stopped working on it. In 2018 she started back working, but her father, who had been fighting Prostate Cancer for quite sometime became very ill from Prostate Cancer, and past away on December 13, 2018. He was laid to rest on December 21, 2018.  She battled all of 2018 with concern and fear of what would happen to her father, and when she learned that her father had transitioned, her peace transitioned with him.  After much prayer for God's peace about her father's passing Christine was hit with several other battles that constantly beat her and her family over the head. 


After finally deciding that she deserved to feel the peace of God, she decided that the book that God had put in her heart in 2017 had to be finished because there were many others that was fighting the battle that she was fighting, but didn't realize that God has the peace that we need, we just need to accept it. It may not come overnight, but a constant diet of it will result in change. 

Christine Phipps Davis

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What is Color With The Word


Color With The Word, took over two years to create. Many times it was started, but the hesitation existed in the unknowing if anyone would purchase a coloring book. After several years of noticing how many where living without peace; and the realization that there are so many in the world seeing it as just black and white, from the pain that we feel from our experiences Color With The Word was finished.  


Life is full of the beauty that we miss when we lack the peace of God.  It's time that we get our peace back, and Color With The Word is a tool to open the door and invite it in. 

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Christine wants to connect with Veteran organizations, counselors, and individuals who need this coloring book so we can work together to bring them peace. Group disconts are offered. 

If you work with a group contact me via email, Info@ChristinePhippsDavis.org, and let's work on getting this book into their hands. 

If you are lacking peace, contact me and let's see what we can do together to get your peace back. If you are a counselor, contact me and let's link up.